Welcome to DANAGE Targets UK

DANAGE Targets have been in production since 1986 and have evolved over the ensuing years into the worlds most versatile target system. Some of the worlds greatest archery tournaments have been held on DANAGE targets:-

World Cup Final - Edinburgh 2010
World Cup Final - Copenhagen 2009
World Cup Final -  Lausanne 2008
Olympic Games - Bejing 2008
Olympic Test Event - Bejing 2007
World Outdoor Championships - Leipzig 2007
Archery World Cup - Dover 2007
Face 2 Face Archery Tournament - Amsterdam 2006
Olympic Games - Athens 2004

In recent years DANAGE have added into their product line up both an electronic timing and scoring system, second to none.

DANAGE Targets are stored in the UK in a warehouse powered by sustainable energy.

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